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Product detail

RDQ3CMA Series

RDQ3CMA series intelligent dual power auto transfer switch (brief as ATS) suitable for emergency power supply system with rated AC voltage 400V, 50/60Hz. When one power source fault, can auto interchange from main power to backup power, no need manual operation, to protect the power supply stability. Mainly apply to the important place which not allow power cutoff such as Hospital, shopping mall, bank, chemical industry, metallurgy, high building, military facilities and fire-fighting etc.
Structure Introduction
RDQ3CMA Dual power auto transfer switch use categeory is AC-33iB, electrical appliance grade is CB class.
RDQ3CMA ATS comprised with two 3P or 4P MCCB and its accessories (Aux. contact、Alarm contact), Mechanical interlocking transmission mechanism, intelligent controller etc. With integral structure which the controller and executive unit installed at a same base; 
The features:
● There is a reliable mechanical interlock device and electric interlock protection between two MCCB, completely avoid the possibility of two MCCB power ON at same time;
● Have short circuit, over load protection functions;