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RDQ3NM Series

RDQ3NM Dual Power ATS is a fully new product of our company, by organizes top engineers in two years research and development, grand launch at the end of 2014, completely subvert the traditional dual power ATS design style, leading in the international industrial design concept in the design process, from the product structure, appearance, ergonomia, and control circuit etc., comprehensive improvement of the traditional ATS, so as to make it has the quality of international firs-class products and with high competitive price. 
RDQ3NM series intelligent dual power auto transfer switch (brief as ATS) suitable for emergency power supply system with rated AC voltage 400V, 50/60Hz. When one power source fault, can auto interchange from main power to backup power, no need manual operation, to protect the power supply stability. Mainly apply to the important place which not allow power cutoff such as Hospital, shopping mall, bank, chemical industry, metallurgy, high building, military facilities and fire-fighting etc. Product accord with standard of IEC60947-6-1: 《Auto transfer switch》, 《Civil high building fire-fighting standard》, 《High building fire-fighting standard》, 《Civil building electric design standard》 etc.